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Moveable elements/objects


I want to create a custom object with different positions, but I can't seem to find how to do his online. 

The picture attached shows a wall that can have different positions in the model. For example, open or closed. This is exactly what I want to achieve with my custom wall. How do I do this? 


movable wall archicad.jpg

Barry Kelly

@genie ,

To create custom objects like these, you will need to learn how to script in GDL.

I am not aware of any on-line tutorials (but then I am not looking), but if you do a search here I am sure you will find many posts about learning GDL.

You will find links or recommendations to various books and resources, some may no longer be available.


Basically, it is study the GDL reference guide and look for books you can purchase that might help you.

There is one free book that I think is still the best GDL learning source, even though it is a bit outdated now.

That is the GDL Cookbook by David Nicholson-Cole.

It can be a bit hard to find - here is one link to version 4.0 (the latest written) that seems to work ...


There is also another book he wrote for Graphisoft - Introduction to Object Making ...

I can't say  ever used that book.



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Thank you very much! I will look into this.

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