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Object not appearing when first placed in plan


Hi all,


I am fairly early on with my scripting in GDL life and am not sure what to do to fix this issue.

I have been trying to solve a documentation issue I have in my office where I want to eliminate separate 3D objects, symbols and splines for an electrical plan.


I have scripted an object that is an "X" symbol for a light switch that has a moveable hotspot, which draws a spline that you drag to a light on plan. It has a 3D block that is created at the same time and some options for different switch types.


It works very well, but when it is first placed in plan nothing appears until I zoom, or pan in the view. Please see the video attached. 


It was created in Archicad 25 and I am happy to share the script if it helps.

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@KB-at-CWA , could you share the library part to troubleshoot it ?


If you .zip your object, you will then be able to attach it directly to your post. You could also PM it to someone to have a look if you would rather not freely share it.

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