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NCS Drawing Title 23 - Can it be positioned to cell?

Robert Nichols
I can't seem to set an NCS Drawing Title to be positioned to a cell on the layout. When I select "cell" on the position pulldown menu, then all the parameter options disappear in the dialog box. If I save the setting at "cell", there is no visible affect on the title placement, and if I reopen the drawing settings, it position value is reset to "drawing".

Does this feature not work with the NCS titles?
Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

Karl Ottenstein
GSNA tech support reports that this is a known bug with NCS Drawing Title 23 (among others). Try using NCS Drawing Title 22 from the AC 22 USA library until a library update is issued some time in the future.
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Robert Nichols
Thanks, Karl.
Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

So, are we going to get an update on this issue? I found a seperate error reporting with other aspects of the NCS drawing titles. There is a work around but does not help with the cell settings.
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Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi All,

First, I would like to apologize for the trouble that you are having with this issue!

Unfortunately, I cannot tell for sure when a library update is made for USA version, but I found the workaround for this issue in our database already. Here is how you can fix the titles until an update is available:

- Duplicate and open the NCS Drawing Title 23 (or NCS Drawing Title 2 23)
- Click Master script
- Delete the independent 3 lines:
if iTitleFitMode = FITMODE_CELL	then
       intLinkTitleWidth[1] = FITMODE_LENGTH		: stLinkTitleWidth[1] = `Length Parameter`	: picLinkTitleWidth[1] = 0

- In NCS Drawing Title around line 129 to 132
- In NCS Drawing Title 2 around line 122 to 125

I attached a screenshot showing where to delete the line, also include in the zip file my own modification for the 2 drawing titles. Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Robert Nichols
Thank you for posting this workaround.
Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

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