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Property Expression Line Break


Hey guys, 

Wondering if there is a way to add line breaks into property expressions within property manager, for GDL its \n but the backslash character doesnt seem to function within property manager, and i guess it would need to be an operator or such? 


Cheers Sam

Win11 | 12th gen i-7 | 32GB | RTX 3070 Ti

Peter Baksa

It seems string type properties can't be multiline, if you copy-paste a multiline string from description to value, the newline is lost.

Using TEXTJOIN ( "\n";...) inserts "n" into the string, as if it is an invalid escape character.

Using TEXTJOIN ( "\\n";...) inserts "\n" into the string which will be interpreted as a newline if you use the string's value in GDL TEXT command, but stays \n in IES.



Péter Baksa
Software Engineer, Library as a Platform
Graphisoft SE, Budapest

Thanks for the brainstorm peter, I guess just have to wait and hope they add in a new line command feature within property expression editor. (The idea i was attempting to achieve was to split a single property expression string result, across multiple lines. ) 

Win11 | 12th gen i-7 | 32GB | RTX 3070 Ti

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