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Transparent Images for GDL UI's exported from Archicad

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Hi GDL Experts,


I am wondering what the work flow is for exporting an image from Archicad that has a transparent background that can be imported into the user interface.


I can export an images from AC with Alpha Channel, however all four standard AC export image types come through with a white background e.g. *png, *jpg, *gif & *tiff (samples attached).


Using the following code

ui_pict "Test_Image", 15, 15, 140, 140, 1

The images come through looking like this:


Also is there a way to set the size of the image on export - the UI_PICT function calls for a specific size. When AC exports it seems to export the extents. I thought adding the red boundary would be a way to control the size but there seems to be a white border beyond this.


Is this what other people do or is there a better workflow for this?


Thank you so much in advance!


Hi Barry, hehe I was wondering if I was doing something wrong with the Archicad Export alpha channel not working - I had tried every export option without success. I am glad it wasn't just me... All the best for you and yours at Christmas!

You have it in all AC's, but it is also a part of GDL sdk that can be downloaded from Developers' site. It contains some examples and a manual for the tool btw.


there is some entry-level help on GDL Center:


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