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About building parametric objects with GDL.


In the GDL manual the panel size is advised as preset to 444 x 296. In AC24 5000 UKI on MAC I have found oversize tab page bounds errors are reported for elements exceeding 480 x 266. What is the current official UI panel size?
Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)
Jochen Suehlo
This is a real good question:
444 x 296 seems to be a spelling error, as a) it results in an error message in the script when checking and b) it doesn't fit in the object settings either. (Earlier it was always 444 x 266).
I noticed the following in AC 24 on MAC OS in the object settings: you can use a UI size of 480 x 282 pixels without any INFIELDS being cut off when the window is collapsed. (In the script, however, an error message is issued from 481 x 268).
I can also define much larger UIs and since AC 22 (?) the UI size in the settings dialog always adjusts automatically.
It can of course be collapsed smaller so that parts are cut off.
The official size of UIs in MVOs is still a bit different from the standard.

Here an official statement from Graphisoft would be helpful, because there seem to be contradictions between script and settings dialog.
Jochen Suehlo . AC12-27 . MAC OSX 14.4 . WIN11
GDL object creation:
Peter Baksa
Hi all,

in AC24 all UI sizes were inflated a bit, and since then the UI width for GDL is 480 in the settings dialog.
With UI_DIALOG a larger UI size can be defined, but the dialog will resize to 480x266. The 296 height was a mistake, 30 pixels is needed for the hierarchical page controls. Without hierarchical pages there is a 15 px top & bottom margin, but it's not recommended to draw there.
The UI_LISTFIELD control has a feature that it can grow automatically with the dialog size if it's right side is beyond 444. This limit hasn't changed, so it is not possible to create a listfield with its right side between 444-480.

The MVO dialog is a bit different, there any UI height can be defined, but the width can be maximum 680.
Péter Baksa
Software Engineer, Library as a Platform
Graphisoft SE, Budapest
Thank you for the clarification Peter
Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

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