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Warnings in Parameter Script Issues

Is their any particular reason why the table listing the request commands functionality in the parameter script is incorrect?

Some things are listed as fine and functional in the table but they don't work or cause warnings (which they mention later in the documentation) it makes it really confusing.

Further to this is, I understand that the reason they changed how it worked is because they don't want view dependant variables altering parameters. Which I totally understand. But why can you request say, the calc length unit or linear dimension, which can vary depending on view, but you can't request homed info, which is fixed.

I would really like to be able to use home DB to write out data, but in some instances I have to write out from the parameter script.

This is getting frustrating...
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The reason why most of request became unavailable for Parameter script, that since version 18 ArchiCAD started to experience errors with requests in parameter script, that was impossible to fix. it's something about increasing of program complexity... The only solution to that problem was to unable majority of requests.
Before that all requests just worked fine.

Currently there is an option to use requests in user interface script. Additional commands was introduced in UI scripts to make most of requests available to use via UI.
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