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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Create object 2d with 2d drawings

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Hi all,
i would like to create an object 2d of chair with top, front and side view, as bicycle or tree 2d object in the default library. Can someone send me a little tutorial of it?
Thanks in advance

Ps: i already have 3d object but it is really big and i prefer to work with 2d
You can draw your 2D drawings on different layers in GDL object '2D symbol' section. Or draw it first on the floor plan and paste into 2D symbol. Please note, that it does not support polylines. All polylines needs to be previously converted into lines and circles.
2D symbol has layers (like in ArchiCAD) but only with numbers - from 1 to 16.
Visibility of these layers can be controlled in 2D script via command:

FRAGMENT2 fragment_index, use_current_attributes_flag

Where fragment_index is number of layer and use_current_attributes_flag can be 0 or 1.
0 shows pens, line types and fills how it been drawn
1 replace these attributes with defined in the script (i.e. PEN number, LINE_TYPE number, FILL number)

You also need to create a parameter, let call it symbolProjection. Set it to number.
In parameter script use

VALUES{2} "symbolProjection" 1, "Top", 2, "Side", 3, "Bottom"

Then write in 2D script:

FRAGMENT2 symbolProjection, 0

That means if your projection will be "Top", symbolProjection=1 and it will show drawing on the layer 1.
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