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Custom Apartment stamp in AC26


Hello everybody,

currently I've been looking for a stamp to summarize the total size of the different units in my project. The general idea is to find an object that can extract general information, such as Apartment number, room height and size from the different stamps and combine them into one. I've attached a layout for the apartment stamp. 


Is there a way to create an object or label, that can easily recognize all the stamps belonging to one unit (unit number is attached via custom properties)? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Many thanks in advance.



ArchiCAD 26.5002
Windows 10 Professional
Miha Nahtigal

You cannot do that with a stamp/object/label. It is possible to achive sth similar using schedules.

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Thank your for your quick reply.

I was under the impression that there might be a way to at least sum up all the different rooms in my units since there is a apartment stamp that already kinda does that which comes with ArchiCAD.. The problem is that I cannot work out how it works so I can try and copy it's propperties for my design.


All the other information can be added manually but the size would be the main focus to be automated.




ArchiCAD 26.5002
Windows 10 Professional

I agree with @Miha Nahtigal that this is not directly possible with just a label.

But besides schedules you could also work with a python script. There are a few floating around which you could maybe adapt if that's an option for you. Just one example:

There is also the Wohnungsstempel Add-On coming with the GER/AUT version of Archicad. It doesn't do everything you want. E.g. I think it works with apartment IDs and not custom properties. Also I think it doesn't track room heights.

Also I'm working on such an apartment stamp myself, and in the future I've planned to also enable to specify the unit number via properties. Right now it also can only use the Apartment ID from Archicad Zone Stamps.

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

A long time ago I had a similar situation where I wanted to have values summarized for all Zones belonging to the same apartment.

What I ended up doing was I wrote out all the data I needed to a Text file from all Zones. Than that text file contained all needed info of all Zones.

Then I created another Library Part that read all needed data from the text file (for example, the Calculated Areas of all Zones belonging to the same Apartment, summarized them, and then assign it to a parameter or write it out on the screen. I can imagine you can script a Label that could achieve something similar.

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