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About building parametric objects with GDL.

poly2_b{5} to act like "Fit to Skin"




I'm trying to create a 2D object which has an Insulation fill inside it. I am trying to make the fill the correct width, so it scales with the size of the insulation width, but I need it to be the same size as the wall insulation which has a small gap on either side so that the insulation is central. I just can't seem to get it to become the correct size so that it can be lined up with wall insulation.  The symbol pattern is 60x120 but the strokes is set to 60x126 to provide a gap at the top.


		poly2_b{5}       5,      2,      1,      8,    101,     -1, 
				 -insulation_width/2, fill_origin_y,    0, insulation_width, insulation_width,            0,            0,
						   -insulation_width/2,            0,      33, 
					   insulation_width/2,            0,      33, 
					  insulation_width/2,          vertical_height-insulation_top_offset,      33, 
						   -insulation_width/2,          vertical_height-insulation_top_offset,      33, 
						   -insulation_width/2,            0,      33


ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10
Peter Baksa

The desired size can be set only for symbol fills, using flag 16+32 in distortion_flags.

There is also a scale in the fill settings, which changes the pattern size: with 0.5 scale the fill pattern size will be half the size set in poly2_b{5}


For non-symbol fills the distortion matrix only serves as a multiplication/rotation of the original fill pattern size. There is no way to query the pattern size from GDL.


Péter Baksa
Software Engineer, Library as a Platform
Graphisoft SE, Budapest
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