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Archicad 26 update (lol) - LAYERS


I just thought I will say THANK YOU for such extensive update... like search in layers. 😄 Wow. That had to be HARD. I can see how lockdowns had to be difficult for all of us for such updates to come in play, and I am very thrilled to continue using Archicad.... (even though I still have to turn on and off layers to see the result rather than see it on screen right away to compare and see if some items aren't in a wrong layer) ... but oh well ehm - maybe next year then?:D


PS: now without irony, I actually DO appreciate the cabinets upgrades, that actually HELPS and I would call it a true update of year 2022. 


Will there be any simplified App on iPad for Archicad anytime soon? I feel almost now embarrassed to ask for it, but I hope, sometimes, in the future, ...



Please everyone here! Share your discoveries and upgrades that you love! I am sure I hadn't try all of them yet so I am exited to hear everyones thoughts 

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Archicad Solo 26 and 27 (in testing mode)
Karl Ottenstein

Your sarcasm totally obscures what you would like to accomplish that you cannot today with layers.  Please avoid posts that just whine without either asking a question or posting (in the Wishes forum) a very specific feature request.  It is not clear how you expect to magically see what you want to see without enabling the relevant layers.


As to an iPad app… you of course have the BIMx viewer.  Any app that could actually edit is incredibly unlikely because of various hardware and 3rd party software component compatibility.


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As always, bold and to the point. Thanks Karl