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Archicad First timer

Such a things as software localisation suppose to be done by local distributors (who selling and promoting ArchiCAD in given area). Sometimes it's a part of Graphisoft - like Graphisoft USA, Graphisoft Japan, Graphisoft UK.
So, they must to develop templates, libraries etc. that supports national requirements, regulations and similar. But usually they don't. Depends on country. In Scandinavian countries I guess they do more, just because it's Scandinavia and people there working better. In Japan and Singapore happens a lot.

I live in UK and I can say loudly about it - Graphisoft UK do very little about it. So little, that I was developing my own template and library, that possible to use for construction purposes.
So, if you are from UK - I probably can help you with more advanced template, as I had very good experience using ArchiCAD for construction.
Karl Ottenstein
DenilCartel wrote:
Question is.... Is there location based packs that I have to buy that will help me with regulations/specifications? or is that not a thing with this software? Thank you.
I've moved this topic to the New User forum where it belongs...

There is nothing comprehensive within ARCHICAD that helps with building regulations / codes / specifications.

Since you said you were looking at using ARCHICAD just to design your own home, you might want to look at the options available for a short-term license rental or a version that does not include all of the professional features such as the START or SOLO editions. Options depend upon what country you reside in. In any case, you can always download a full demo to evaluate - although when running in demo mode, you cannot save or print.
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