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Draftsmanship tutorials -great book from the times of AC ~8

At the times of AC 8, perhaps 7 or 8.1, there was a great little physical book by a some Polish? author. It might have been called something like "First Steps in Archicad", but I may also be mixing up its name with some other one.

I think it was this book that guided you through modeling & laying out a 2-story house with some funny shape (there was some curved wall or roof), but the part in which I am especially interested now were some initial chapters in which it taught you about origin and drafting aids and wall reference line and etc. systematically, with a series of little exercises (like —model this 5-point star with such diameter using such wall), guiding you through every click, with screenshots of everything. 'See this box that appears? Now hit tab, and hit tab again, and you can enter distance', etc.

Anybody remembers what that was? Or anybody can think of anything like that, for users that need to be trained in accurate drafting?
It was (in English) "Step by Step" and came with AC V6.0. The other helpful book that came with V6.0 was "Project Framework" which takes the beginner through the creation of construction drawings for a building.
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Here I found 'Step by Step':

It was not that one, which is very good too. The one I am trying to find had these drafting exercises (as I was saying: draw a 5-pointed star, etc.), which were great.