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Educational vs Non Educational Licence


I am an educator and also a commercial architect.

I currently run vector works.

I would like to dabble in archicad. I have a few questions:

1/ Is the educational version a full version?

2/ If I start to dabble on an educational version and later decide to go all in and buy a commercial license, and ditch vectorworks, will I be able to bring my drawings with me?

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Graphisoft Partner

1. EDU is FULL Version

2. You can't convert Archicad EDU files into regular full-version files.

2. Depending on the content, you can import your Vectorworks files as DWG or IFC.


@FStudzinski wrote:

2. You can't convert ArchiCAD EDU files in regular full version files.

Just to clarify this.

You can open an EDU file in the commercial version, but it will always revert the software to the EDU version when you open it.

Once an EDU file it will always be an EDU file.

You can still edit and save it, but it will always have the EDU watermark.



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