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Improve Archicad skills

Hi. Does anyone have any idea on how to improve one's archicad skills and speed?
Eduardo Rolon
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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another Moderator

Yeah, i wouldnt know any other method, model model model!. Doing projects is the best way and always using what you learn.
Also, its important to mention, that, whenever you think something cannnot be done, there is always a way to do it, sometimes quite straighforward, others not so much.

If you are still in school, and even if you are not, i would recomend recreating some of the classics within archicad (Worksheets are your friend here so you put all the 2d info there and use it as trace).
Barry Kelly

Have a look at the Help Manual or the knowledge base here in the Community site.
Additionally, you can access the Archicad YouTube channel.
There you will find demonstration videos and also training series.


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