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Surfaces folder structure keeps changing size


Hi, we're just getting used to working with AC27 (moving from AC23) and the new folder management for attributes looks like a great improvement at first impression.


However, I've found the constant resizing of the palette hugely annoying. When working with Surfaces, if you click on a Surface it expands to show all the settings, but if you then click on a different folder, the palette shrinks to a level where you can hardly see what Surfaces it contains.


Is there a way to get the palette to stay at a fixed size? When editing a collection of Surfaces I seem to spend half the time resizing the window 😞


I assume you mean the behaviour where the cineware settings tab collapse when selection a folder - it was reported during AC27 beta but the whole attribute folder functionality was obviously a implement as conceived and move on kind of thing....


😞 Well hopefully someone from Graphisoft will read this and feel inspired to fix it...