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Issue Workflow between hotlink Files


I have a serious situation where I have not found a solution (Graohisoft Germany neither):

I am working on a big project, that I split into different files because of the size of the project.

When exporting an IFC File, I export it directly from the main file because I want to export just one IFC modell and not several different modells that HVAC planers have to join together afterwards.


The problem I get is the following:

After doing a clash test (in Archicad or Solibri, it does not matter) and creating (or importing) the Issues, the components of the Issue are linked to the GUID they have in the main File.

This means that the components in an Issue, that are drawn in a File that is hotlinked, are not recognized in their source files, making the Issue workflow between hotlinked files useless and inefficient. If I want to solve the clash and modify the components in the Issue, I have to visually and manually look for them in the source file.

In other words, it is impossible to have an Issue workflow between hotllinked files.


This is a major setback in Archicad, specially for big projects that need to be split up.

I have talked to Graphisoft in Germany and they have answered that they have sent it to the developers.


Has anyone, in the same situation, found a solution or an efficient workaround for this problem?

Any toughts here, would be very, very helpful.

Thank you



I have a feeling that I have seen the same issue.

Are you certain that the GUID changes between the original file and the main file - this would seem to negate the whole point of a GUID?


Are you using the automated detection in Solibri?

  • That works for us (to a certain extent).

However, if we create issues manually then there is no link to the GUID/element itself so the tracking doesn't seem to carry through to the model.


We have tested with both Solibri Office as well as Solibri Live Connection - same result.

It is clear that there are issues - and it is something that needs to be resolved.

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Erwin Edel

What happens if you merge IFC exports from your split files and clash test that instead?

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am certain, unfortunately, the GUID changes, as well as the Archicad ID.

There is no way (that I know of) to transfer Issues with its active components between hotlinked Files.

This is a big problem and, as you said, something that needs to be resolved. A lot of precious time is wasted finding the components manually in the hotlinked file.


Using the Solibri Live Connection,  is a workaround (thank you for tip): I need to connect each file with Solibri separatley, run the clash detection and use the automated selection between Files. However, this is not an efficient BIM solution, specially when an external  BIM Coordinator does the clash detection with the IFC that you exported from the main file.


There should be a way to have an Issue Workflow betwen hotlinked files. This needs to be addressed by Graphisoft. 


Hi Erwin,

that is ismilar to using the Solibri Live Connection. That is not what I want. I want to generate the IFC modell from one file.

It should be possible to transfer Issues between hotlinked files.


Anyone else having the same problem?  I really think this is a very big setback for Archicad.

I am receiving Issues from an external Coordinator and since I am exporting the IFC model from one fileI I cannot correct the issues of the hotlinked files.

The time spent in trying to find the Components of the Issue is huge. I cannot afford that.

I cannot believe, that this has not been an issue for other people working with hotlinks or that somehow Archicad hs not thought about it.


Hello again. I have been trying but still have not found solution. Any developers here that can help? that wopuld be much apprciated

A current issue that, if solved, would add greater functionality to archicad, yet it remains unattended by Graphisoft?? The sooner you believe it the better

thank you for your support

I have just ran into the same problem. I can´t beleive it works that way, it makes the issue manager pretty useles for complex projects. However, I don´t know how it would work if you had several copies of the same hotlink in the same file.