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Public Roadmap -> Idea Pool -> BIMx on VR Headsets


I am pleased to see the topic of "BIMx on VR Headsets" included in the Idea Pool, and I would like to add my voice to encourage its development, particularly for BIMx Desktop.


I own a VIVE Pro 2 which is a very capable high resolution VR system.  Currently the only way I can view ArchiCAD projects in VR is through Twinmotion.   Twinmotion is robust on its own right with native support for professional VR headsets, but it does not have the preferred Hypermodel features of BIMx.


I will follow the progress of this topic in the Idea Pool with great interest.  I hope it makes it to the "In Progress" and "Coming Soon" columns.




Why not support VR directly in Archicad! Although the rendering would not be as good as Enscape or Twinmotion, it would work just like Revizto with all the BIM options. Using the current DirectX Engine is not so hardware demanding. An improvement in the graphics like shadows, reflectioms etc would be welcomed though. 

Botonis Botonakis
Civil Engineer, Enviromental Design MSc., BIM Manager for BS ArhitectsVR
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Correct.   Support for VR directly in ArchiCAD would be even better.   In an overarching topic it'd be the convergence of ArchiCAD and BIMx.   An ArchiCAD VR environment would give an immersive/interactive feedback mechanism to the designer.

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