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The new home page is useless


Hi Graphisoft,

I just wanted to draw your attention to the very bad ideas about the recent changes that are implemented on the page:


  1. Like starting from the idea that I can only choose the language based on the country of preference and/or localization.
  2. Where is the international version of the site?? It had all the resources that I needed and now I can't find it, and don't you talk me about your search engine cause we all know it have been always been useless. And we the users use google with all it's bad issues to find the resource we need from your site.
  3. Many of the assorted Add-Ons are based on localization, so if a client need a specific one, and it happened that I don't know from which country or localization he found it, I have to waste my time trying every possible country that may or may not have that Add-on
  4. And the most funny part, that when ever I change localization, the web page takes me back to the home page instead of changing the language insitu (what a waste of time).
  5. And all that without mentioning that if I needed the PDFs of that Add-on, well good luck.

Fix this


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