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Why is my choice Archicad?


I thought for a long time about which program is better to work with.
Having tried all possible programs, such as Revit, Sketch-Up, and Archicad, my choice fell on Archicad for many reasons. First, this program won me over with a relatively simple interface, and everything is clear, even for a beginner. It was easy enough to learn from scratch without anyone's help from a more experienced user.


In the new versions of the Archicad, quite a lot of additional auxiliary elements have appeared to improve objects, including details in the creation of interior things, since more and more often, customers are asked to make not only a project of the building itself, but also to develop an interior in it in detail. When I started working in the company, new exciting projects appeared, and new possibilities for using Archicad opened up. First, this is a direct connection between Archicad and Rhino with the Grasshopper Connection plugin, allowing you to integrate and create complex parametric architecture in the project.


My company Team4BIM has a fascinating work structure, starting with Point Cloud modeling and ending with creating complex architectural objects literally from photographs. We not only develop projects but also work with architects or ordinary customers whose projects we help to model and detail. It is an exciting experience that opens up many possibilities for this program in different areas of its use.


I also want to note an efficient use of profiles in Archicad to create complex walls and texture them, which can apply an individual texture to each side. Of course, it is not so easy for an ordinary user to find this function without bothering. But thanks to the experienced architects at my job, I learned a lot about such details when I faced a project in which all the exterior walls were from a profile, and making different textures for each wall ledge was necessary. If it is helpful to someone, I will gladly share information on how to do this.


Maybe you can share some exciting modeling functions that make work easier. It will be interesting to learn something new!


Always in creativity


This is an excellent point, @Team4Beam ! It's most important to also share our experiences through this platform.

Martin Luther Jules
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