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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Archicad 22 - Hidden Gems

Peng Yu Liang
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni


Work Environment

A new option has been introduced, under On -Screen Options,  to turn on/off contours for all Favorite and Object Settings 3D previews.
Work Environments lists now support  multi-selection: edit several items at one time when you show/hide items in Tool Settings and Info Box, and add/remove items in Toolbar and Menus.

Sun Study and Create Fly-Through, Sun Position

An updated interface for Sun Study and Create Fly-Through dialogues: New "Total Length" feedback indicates how long the exported movie will run (total frames divided by frame rate).
A new algorithm for calculating Sun Position (using Solar Position Algorithm of the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory). Date settings now include the year.

Element Transfer Settings

Home Story definitions are now stored correctly. Sets and default have been updated accordingly. A new option added for Curtain Wall, including Classes and Scheme Pattern.


A new simplified Selection palette interface. A new Redefine function introduced, allowing selected Selection Set to be updated based on the current element selection.  
Selection in Floor Plan now prioritizes selection of uncut elements. Select overhead elements by their outline.

Old selection:


New selection:


Column edit

Edit width and height of square and profiled Columns graphically on Floor Plan via their boundary nodes (previously only available in 3D)  
Stretching a rectangular Column in Floor Plan or 3D now always adheres to its defined anchor (previously always used center point)

Documentation tools

The label now can be "re-associated " to another element by using CMD/CTRL+Click  
Grid Tool lines fix: a custom setting of lines now only affects the selected Section. (Previously it affected all the Sections.) Custom lines settings:
General line settings:
A new System Auto-text: using the current system date (Day of Month/Week, Month (name/number) and Year (short/long).

Interactive Schedule

Schedule Cell Size dialog now supports multi-selection editing. A new button lets you resize all Rows and Columns to fit the content with a single click.

Zones with Curtain Wall interaction

Using the "Reference Line" algorithm for Zone creation: now detects the logical Zone Boundary where the walls connect to a Curtain Wall, without connecting their Reference Lines.

Reset Elements

A new Info box command has been added for all Library Parts ( e.g.: Doors, Windows, Objects) to "Reset to Default Settings".


Surface settings

New from Catalog: after selecting an item during a search, the selected item is retained even after clearing the search.

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