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Archicad 24 - Hidden Gems

Selen Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Archicad 24 brings significant improvements, but in this article, we look at small differences that will make a higher quality user experience.

1 - Improved Transparency Depth Handling in 3D

It is essential to have a sense of depth when in 3D. So we improved how semi-transparent elements seem in 3D. The following images show you how it looks like when two glass walls are placed next to each other. Note the difference compared to Archicad 23.

2 - Reorganized Toolbox

To give our users a better experience with Archicad, we made some changes in the Toolbox. With Archicad 24, we have three main tool groups; Design, Viewpoint and Document.

3 - Improved Stretching Behaviour of Dialogs

  • Library Manager - It stretches the column on the right (rather than extending both columns equally), and remembers the splitter position when reopening the dialogue.
Stretching behavior in Archicad 24
  • Hotlink Manager - columns of Hotlink Sources now resize when resizing dialogue
  • Select Hotlink Module - columns now resize when resizing the dialogue

4 - Improvement in Attribute Manager

The new Reindex command in Attribute Manager makes it possible to change the index of an attribute.
The dialogue indicates which index is available. If it is taken by another attribute, it shows which attribute belongs to that index.

Attribute Manager behavior in Archicad 24
  • Each change must be applied to avoid conflicts between linked attributes. Changes cannot be undone.
  • The Reindex command is unavailable when the Delete command is unavailable, with multiple selection, and temporary attributes.
  • In Teamwork, there’s an indication and list of elements if attributes will be missing (same as with Delete/Replace).

5 - Zone Tool's Settings Dialog Renewed

For better consistency with other tools, Zone Tool's Settings dialog has been renewed.

6 - Updated Navigator Icons for Details

To better differentiate the details, floor plan details and section details have different icons in the Navigator.


7 - New Work Environment Profiles

  • New default profiles by profession: Architectural, MEP Engineering and Structural Engineering Profiles.
  • Toolbars and the Toolbox (including renamed Tool Groups) display the most-used tools and commands for each profile.
  • Basic versions of each profile display only essential tools, making it easier to get started.

8 - Joystick Mode in 3D Explore Model

  • Useful when you need to use AC through Remote Desktop solutions, or when using AC with a touchscreen. Same navigator as BIMx
  • Can be activated by pressing the "J" hotkey during explore (similarly to how "F" turns Flying on/off)
  • Read this article for more information on this feature.

9 - Unreal Engine's Datasmith for Archicad

With the Datasmith Export Plugin, you can transfer your Archicad content (geometry, materials, lights, cameras) directly into Unreal Engine, used for real-time rendering and visualizations.

For now, this plug-in is available as a Technical Preview for Archicad 23 and Archicad 24.

Datasmith follows the basic process outlined in the Datasmith Overview and About the Datasmith Import Process, adding particular translation behavior that is specific to Archicad.

After installation (see Installation Guide here), save your content from the Archicad 3D window as a .udatasmith file. In Unreal Editor, use the Datasmith importer (available from the Toolbar) to import the saved file. 

See Importing Datasmith Content into Unreal Engine 4.

10 - New Node at the Center of Columns

Single-segment columns have a node at the center of gravity, for snapping and dimensioning.

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