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Check for Update Previews

Arash Kiabayan

In this article, we talk about a new feature which has been implemented within Archicad 26.


Graphisoft releases Archicad regular updates every few months and if you have enabled the check for update option while you installed the software or in the Archicad work environment, you would get the update notification when they are available.


But a few weeks before we release the regular update, the preview version of it is released which is a fully functional update. It is tested by us at Graphisoft and works just like the regular one.


Once it is out, the users can install and test it and in case there is any issues or bugs in it, they can report them to us, so we can have enough time to fix them until the regular update gets released. But please use it at your own risk.


So far, this preview update could only be accessible, if you browsed to download page on Graphisoft website. But with Archicad 26, we have implemented an option within the installer which you can check and once Archicad is installed, then it gives you a notification when the preview update is available. Please check the screenshot below.




This option can be also turned on/off through the work environment in case you change your mind. Please check the screenshot below.





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