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Release Timeline for 2024

Dear Community Members,

We’re excited to announce our release plan for this year.


Last year, we introduced a new release cycle for Graphisoft products, which we are following this year as well. We will release the latest versions of our software accordingly.

You’ll find more information about our release cycle here.

The Beta and Technology Preview Programs will be released on a date similar to last year. The Beta Program starts in June, while the public Technology Preview versions will be available from July until September. During the Technology Preview Program, each registered user is invited to explore our product portfolio, including Archicad 28 on multiple languages. We anticipate receiving your feedback throughout this period, as it plays an important role in our efforts to enhance our solutions together with our users.


Our entire product portfolio's main annual release, including Archicad 28 in multiple languages, DDScad 20, BIMcloud, and BIMx, is scheduled for the beginning of October.


Although the main release will be in October, the rest of the year won’t be uneventful either. Product updates and hotfixes will be continuously released to deliver more benefits and improve the quality of our solutions and services.


We will share more details about our 2024 new solutions with you in the coming months. Please stay tuned, follow our social media channels, and read our posts on Graphisoft Community.

Thank you,


Ilona Jasenszky

Manager, Release and Program Management 

Product Success