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Dear Community Members,


We are excited to announce that we have finished redesigning the community's structure to serve you better. Moving forward, we will reorganize the forum boards, knowledge base articles, and other site areas into a new order based on the results of two workshops (including this one) and discussions.


We must undertake site maintenance to complete the overhaul, including locking the existing forum boards. This means you will be able to read the site's current content but won't be able to create new posts or reply to existing threads. Sending private messages and liking posts will still be possible during site maintenance downtime.


The maintenance window will start on Monday, May 8, at 9 AM (CEST) and last up to a few hours.


Check the starting time in a few time zones below:


Location and time zone Starting time and day
Sydney, Australia AEST 17:00 Monday, May 8
Tokyo, Japan JST 16:00 Monday, May 8
Singapore, Singapore GMT+8 15:00 Monday, May 8
Perth, Australia AWST 15:00 Monday, May 8
Budapest, Hungary CEST 09:00 Monday, May 8
London, United Kingdom BST 08:00 Monday, May 8
Sao Paolo, Brazil GMT-3 04:00 Monday, May 8
New York, United States EDT 03:00 Monday, May 8
Mexico City, Mexico CST 01:00 Monday, May 8
Seattle, United States PDT 00:00 Monday, May 8



The reorganization means we will create new forum boards and move the existing content to the new ones. Once a board is ready, we will reopen it, one by one, as we progress. We will also announce the availability of the boards on one of the new boards, entitled 'Our Community,' each time one becomes available.


We have also revised the labels on forum posts and knowledge base articles. You might see inconsistencies with some labels for a short interim period. Relabeling posts and articles will take a few more days but won't affect availability.


We kindly ask for your patience during the maintenance window. We will share further details about what has changed, what is now available and where.


We are happy to have arrived at this stage of the site improvements and can't wait to see the changes go live. We hope that you will find the upgrades helpful and will support us with your insights in our efforts to enhance the look and functionality of the site.


The Graphisoft Community Team