Your Best Design Option challenge results are in!

Dear Community Members, 

Drumroll please!


The time has come for the final selected works from our latest Community challenge to be presented. Your Best Design Option was our invitation to try out Archicad 27’s new feature and incorporate it into your workflows. Design Options assists with solution evaluation and documentation and streamlines the creative process.



Jury and selection criteria 



Andras.png Badcock James.png Max_Portrait circle.png Yasmin Herden circle.png

András Fábián

Graphisoft, Hungary

James Badcock

Graphisoft, United Kingdom

Maximilian Strasser

Graphisoft, Germany

Yasmin Herden

Graphisoft, Hungary



The jury panel selected the best entries according to the following criteria: 

  • Creativity – innovative idea, out-of-the-box thinking;
  • Solution fit – for example, how it fits to the user base needs, must-haves in a sample project template; 
  • Interactivity – organization of the Design Options manager, ease of use.


Without further ado, introducing the selected submissions! 



1st Place – Floor Plan Design Demonstration by @Josh Verran 




“Simple, aesthetic, tidy, and displaying the solution well. Demo quality!” Andras.png
András Fábián



“Perfect example to showcase how to use multiple different sets and arrange the options together with combinations. I could see Josh used the focused editing tab and the fade environment. That shows a good understanding of all the possibilities the feature provides.”

Yasmin Herden circle.png

Yasmin Herden



2nd Place – Renovation Phasing by @Francois_MCD 





“Well thought out, and a good experiment. I'd expect this to become more common to mix renovation filters with Design Options.”

Badcock James.png

James Badcock



3rd Place – Chocolate Factory Entrance by @iliana kella 





“Simple, on the spot but creative use case!”


András Fábián



Honorable Mention – Typical Residential Home by @poco2013 




“Sets and options super well organized, many different combinations saved. He is using Design Options at a complex level, with many sets. We appreciate the effort put into making the video, definitely a highlight.”

Yasmin Herden circle.png

Yasmin Herden



Wait! Not familiar with Design Options yet?


Start by enrolling in our Archicad 27 Upgrade Training, a self-paced course available at Graphisoft Learn. It's the perfect way to harness the potential of Design Options and enhance your Archicad skills.


If you’re hungry for more, we also hosted a dedicated webinar on Graphisoft Community, covering an overview of an integrated Design Options workflow with practical use cases for inspiration. The recording is available for playback here.



Congratulations to all the selected users for their great contributions and thank you to each participant who had the spirit to explore and share their creative works with us.

If you didn’t win this time, gear up for our next challenge! It’ll be here promptly 😉

Graphisoft Community Team