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Missing circle on "Ceiling Slab Elevation Label"


The "Ceiling Slab Elevation Label" marker doesn't look right, it looks like the fill is there but the line (the circle) is missing. (see picture attached)


Is it just me? Or is it like this for everyone?


I looked into the code and the settings. it looks like the circle is considered to be the "textbox frame". So it only draws the circle, if the textbox frame option is ticked.


That doesn't seem right. It is not the text frame, it is the marker of the label.

Seems a little odd.

Style 1 puts the frame around the text and you can opt for an opaque background (white pen) to make the text stand out over other elements.

Style 2 puts the frame and opaque background around the marker as you say.

What happens if I want the text to have a background or frame as well - it clearly does when you select it - there is just no control for it.

It should affect the text just the same and the circular marker should have its own controls for fill and perimeter.



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The tool also doesn't look right if you turn the second line of text off.


The underlining of the text is not ideal, when you can adjust the Pointer line to extend through the text..This text underline is not necessary




The text should have a toggle for where it is located if it is only a single line.  Ideally it stays in the same location, whether the second line is on or off.


AC24 / AC26 / AC27

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