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18 or 19 ?

Hi all,

We are upgrading and find it hard to choose between 18 or 19.

We have have our computers including

late 2011 iMac,
late 2009 iMac
2009 Mac Mini's.(ssd + 8G ram)

Is that something that support 19 running smoothly? or do we just go for 18?

Many thanks.
iMac i7 16G / MBP 13" 2.9 i7 8G / Mac mini's - OS X 10.8 - AC 11/12/13/15 [Australia]
Stephen Dolbee
I have a late 2009 iMac and 19 runs fine-in fact much faster than 18.
AC19(9001), 27" iMac i7, 12 gb ram, ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb, OS 10.12.6
Thanks a lot Stephen.
iMac i7 16G / MBP 13" 2.9 i7 8G / Mac mini's - OS X 10.8 - AC 11/12/13/15 [Australia]
Go for ver 19 It is much more optimized in terms of performance
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Besides all other things already mentioned, the OpenGL engine has been rewritten for AC19 so the same model will be running much more smoothly in the 3D Window in AC19 than in AC18.
So AC19 is the better choice.
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Not applicable
If you ask me i would say archicad 19 is performance update and you can live with AC18 without any problems...If you have modeling problems in AC18 you will have them in AC19 too, so don't worry, workflow is the same !
Other architects who works in AC19 will not be able to do anything you can't do in AC18.

Get yourself AC18 and SSD...especially because AC18 is more polished then AC19 (bugs)

Thanks guys for the advice. Much appreciated.
iMac i7 16G / MBP 13" 2.9 i7 8G / Mac mini's - OS X 10.8 - AC 11/12/13/15 [Australia]
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