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3D window, elements cut when in close proximity

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Was just struggling to describe this in the subject title, but the image I hope explains the problem. When navigating in 3D - if I get too near 'things' they get cut. Makes editing certain things impossible.

Is this a graphics driver issue or graphics card setting or bug? Advice greatly appreciated.

p.s. the white squares are me photo shopping out commercially sensitive stuff.

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Just came across this too in a colleagues file. Navigation was clipping the model in interesting ways when orbiting. VIewing elements in 3D within a marquee did not have the problem. Turned out to be a mesh that was 800km away! Brought it closer to the building and all is good.

Check for distant objects or corrupt 3D elements.

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I had a similar case as described by @s2art - I accidentaly aligned one of the walls to some random almost parallel line, resulting in having a 20km long wall - adjusted it and everything came back to normal, but it took some time to figure out it was the cause.

Look out for super long or hyper distant elements and everything's gonna be cool

Turning off a layer with distant objects fixed it for me and I had tried all other view settings

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