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AC can’t save a file in Dropbox

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Just bought a pc besides 2 IMacs.
Freshly installed AC on the pc with windows 10 professional and I use Dropbox for work files.

But this is the problem. AC can open files and I can edit etc, but I can’t save or save as in all Dropbox maps. Saving outside Dropbox does work.

I can’t find the problem.

When switching to AC on both IMacs, I can work and save, so no problems. There seems to be a problem with windows, AC and Dropbox where the software or the user in windows doesn’t have enough right to change.

I Made sure all rights to read, edit etc are correct with AC and the windows file system as well as in Dropbox.

But still no luck.

Can anyone help me out with this problem?

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Dont save directly to Dropbox, work locally and then move file to Dropbox. I have had files become corrupt when saving directly to Dropbox I think that the way Dropbox only uploads parts of a file that have changed can corrupt the Archicad database.

If you need multiple people to be able to edit files why not setup BIM server / teamwork, contact your reseller for help with this.


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