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AC9 Crashes with new update

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I just updated AC9 USA 1812 to 1965 and it behaves really strange when the 3d window is open , for example the wall materials like brick are displayed rotated... on the 2d window when drawing oblique lines or walls they look very jaggy and it has nothing to do with my graphics card....

...And most importantly AC9 crashes when selecting the Select tool (arrow) and do a cross window selection!!!!!

I talked to my AC seller and he just told me to uninstall and install it again ...but the problems still persist I rolled back the update and it works like before...

Is anyone having the same problem?????
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No problems with the update that I can see. What are the spec's on the computer?
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Here's my system description:

Dell Inspiron 8200
Windows XP home
Intel pentium 4 2.0
ATI 128 mobile radeon graphics card
Archicad USA 1965
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