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ArchiCAD 10 Crash on Startup

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Hi, I just loaded ArchCAD 10 on a new Dell Precision computer 4 GB RAM Windows XP Pro SP2. However it crashes on start up. The splash screen comes up then crashes. ArchiCAD 9 runs great on the computer, I have tried unistalling re-installing but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated
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This might help some users experiencing crash on startup or unusually slow Archicad V10 performance:

We have observed a problem caused by a Trojan/Virus as follows:
check if you have files on your system called
This has the following effects on Archicad:
- extremely slow startup
- crash on startup
- general instability
- Appearance of several files with Crashdump in their name in the
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Graphisoft directory
Removing and deleting the files 45AD9FCA.dll & 45AD9FCA.exe fixed the problem.

Andrew Ecker, CADConsult
Archicad Reseller for South Island, New Zealand.
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