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ArchiCAD 27 extremely poor performance??



I downloaded and installed ArchiCAD 27 yesterday and started my first project w/it today (been using ArchiCAD since v6.0). I started with a clean AC27 template file and imported pen sets, layers etc... from an AC26 project via Attribute Manager. The project is so far, is limited to 2D civil survey information that I copy pasted onto a story. I'm finding the basic performance inside AC27 to be so bad, it's unusable - panning, zooming, basic editing, adding dimensions etc... every mouse movement and click has a patience-testing long delay. There HAS to be something I've done to make it this way, I CAN NOT imagine that Graphisoft released AC27 knowing the performance was this slow. 


What can I do to reset or troubleshoot this? I've quit and restarted ArchiCAD a few times and it's not better. There HAS to be something I'm doing wrong, I just don't know what it might be...


I don't know if my signature lists my hardware and if it does, it's probably outdated since I haven't posted here in a long while. I have a 16" MacBook Pro w/Apple M1 Max chip, 64GB Ram, macOS Monterey v12.7 and a 27" LG HDR 4K external monitor.






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Hi Tom, maybe the project is too far away from point zero? You mentioned working with 2D civil survey information.


I have the same Problems on my Windows PC (Dell XPS 17 9700) zooming and panning is a pain compared to older versions... Especially using the Eyedropper Tool kills the whole application.


For Windows this transition from opengl to directx improved the appereance but decreased the performance. At least this is my feeling... 

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Do you still have the problem with Eyedropper tool or have you manage to find out what the problem is?

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