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Archicad 15 start up hanging

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I recently installed AC 15 on 4 computers at my work and im still getting the hanging start up screen. all the computers have the same specs as listed below.

iv tired everything listed on

is this something to do with my firewall settings?
im also installing AC 15 as a administrator.

AC 13 - AC 14 run and install perfect.

Dennis Lee
Usually mine will start in about 5 minutes. I guess our problems are not that same?
ArchiCAD 25 & 24 USA
Windows 10 x64
Since ArchiCAD 9
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hey people,
i have a similar problem, but i think its not connected with the key issue.
the weird thing is, my archicad 15 worked, for like 2 days maybe, after running it about 5 or 6 times after suddenly it hangs after loading for a while.the splash screen comes up, then the archicad main window, but thats it.after that it stops responding and windows asks if to close the program.
i still have my AC 14 installed which works so im luckily not desperate, but i'd really appreciate the 15 working again - i was already enjoying it.
i also managed to somehow uninstall it and installed AC again but that didnt help.
the weird thing is it worked...
thanks for any help.

im using windows 7 home 64bit premium and AC 15 edu version.

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