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Archicad 25 Saves are taking longer on 2nd computer


IT guy here one of our employers switched to a different computer Custom Box i7-9700k 3.6ghz, 32gb ram, GTX 1070, SSD running Archicad 25 updated saves are taking up to a minute to save on the server. User was using a newer compact mini dell  i7-10700 2.9ghz, 16gb ram, Quadro p100, PCIE HD.  We switched because the 1070 was faster at 3d rendering than the Quardo p100 but on the Dell mini saves where taking only about 25 to 30 seconds. Hardware wise the GTX1070 computer should not take that long to save any ideas what could be causing this.


saving files has nothing to do with the GPU. What type of connection do you have, (network card or wifi) are you saving to a local server or bim ?


You could check the number of recent project entries in the Launch dialog at that installation. If you have 100—200+ recent projects listed, both the open and save process can take 20—40 minutes. No idea what the interaction is. Trim the list.

Benjamin Dani


Thank you for sharing your experience and I am very sorry for the issue!

I agree with the comment above as the slow save process can be caused by Archicad spending time on listing recent projects. It's worth a try getting rid of these from the list at the launch window. 
You can also test saving to narrow down the issue: try and save the project on the local machine. If the save process is still slow that could mean something file specific. If the save process happens in seconds that means that there is a possible issue on the server side or with the connection. 
If removing recent projects doesn't work I would suggest to reach out to your local support for further investigation!

Best Regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer

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