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Archicad 28 should be Apple Silicon Only!


I hope Graphisoft will release Archicad 28 for Apple Silicon ONLY. This is so they will focus on one platform with having fewer problems on the initial release. 


At this point no company should be running an Intel Mac. It is really worth the upgrade for everything else besides Archicad which seems to be having more issues after four years of the M Macs.


So get your act together Graphisoft!


archicad 16.0 US, iMac El Capitan
Jim Allen

"no company should be running an Intel Mac"


What - are you serious?


Macs famously last for years and function pretty much as well at the end of their life as they did when new.


Corporate IT people who purchase or pay for IT equipment often have preconceptions and many are anti-Apple. Typically they aren't people that appreciate the benefits in a work environment. They often won't countenance Macs in a PC environment. It's like the old saying "No-one ever got fired for buying IBM".


If you are lucky enough to have one, replacing it is not necessarily straightforward.


My last 2 Macs were very expensive, far more expensive than equivalent PCs and justified on the basis of longevity.


My iMac Pro is 6 years old and due for replacement. The Mac Pro which preceded it lasted 7 years. 


Many small practitioners keep their Macs as long as they can - and you would propose to deny them the latest Archicad version.


Maybe leave these decisions to Graphisoft, who know more about their market than either of us.


Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

Maybe they should focus on the main platform, Windows, and leave Mac altogether. Windows would have less issues and Mac even less 😛


It´s a joke, of course, don´t hit me.


I´m not a mac user, but I don´t think they should leave so many people unatended. I suppose they have their use statictics and will stop supporting intel macs when it makes sense to them economically, no need to push them in that direction 😆

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