Archicad silent install methods

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Archicad Network Installation (Install Archicad as BIM Manager)

Starting with Archicad 22 the standard installer for Archicad and GRAPHISOFT Add-Ons can be deployed in unattended mode. For details please consult the Install Guide for Archicad.

Archicad Silent install methods in earlier Archicad versions

Archicad Network Installation (Install Archicad as BIM Manager)

There is an option that helps you creating an Installation package that contains your company-standard settings.
Using this installation package, you can save time by installing Archicad at multiple workstations according to your customized, company-preferred configuration.
The following settings can be predefined in the network installation package:
  • Work Environment settings;
  • DXF/DWG Translators and IFC Translators;
  • Project templates
To do this, choose the special installation option that automatically records your installation process and creates the installation package. The resulting install file can then be started on any number of client machines.

Archicad silent uninstall

For both Windows and Mac, a silent mode is available for uninstalling Archicad. Use this mode to run the uninstall process from beginning to end without any further user input. For detailed info, please find the following article on Silent Uninstall.

Archicad silent Update install

Update executable/dmg file can be run silently with /silent parameter on PC or -silent parameter on Mac since Archicad version 15. For detailed information, please read Silent Update Installation article.

Deployed installation of update packages

Deployed installation is an alternate solution for those who want to install the Archicad Updates with the MSI package on Windows or with the help of the Apple Remote Desktop on MAC's. See description and the Windows MSI package collection here.

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