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BIM 18 on Windows Server 22 - Cannot connect to localhost and therefore cannot complete installation


Hello, GS Community


Please help!


We have recently had to set up a new server running Windows Server 2022 (the old one was running Windows Server 2008 r2). The Server is updated with all of the latest service packs, drivers, patches, etc.


We are now trying to install BIM Server 18. However, during the installation process, the browser cannot connect to http://localhost:BIM_PORT/install.html and therefore cannot complete the installation.


BIM_PORT is obviously the port number selected in the previous step (configure BIM Server Manager 18). All settings generally are the same as those on the BIM Server 18 running on the old Windows Server 2008 r2., http://SERVER_NAME:BIM_PORT, nor http://SERVER_IP:BIM_PORT work either, both within a browser on the Server and within a browser on another machine on the same network (where appropriate).


We have tried with different BIM_PORT numbers, after using the "Reconfigure v18 Manager" tool.


We have tried in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, with the same result.


We have enabled IIS on the server.


We have edited the hosts file to include " localhost".


The browsers can resolve http://localhost:CODEMETER_PORT in order to manage the Codemeter hardware licences, indicating that the IIS and hosts file are not the issue.


I have exhausted all avenues of inspiration and would appreciate any suggestions from the community.


Thank you in advance.




Hello, GS Community


I have carried out further tests.


I have the exact same issue when installing on a Windows 10 workstation.


It works fine on a Windows 7 workstation.


It seems the HTTP connection to BIM Server 18 therefore has an issue with post-Windows 7 operating systems. If anyone knows what Microsoft changed between operating system releases, or has any advice on a workaround, it would be very gratefully received.



Kaique Baeta

Hi Gareth,


I am sorry to hear about your problem, thanks for sharing it with us!


Unfortunately, BIM Server 18 is not compatible with Windows Server 2022. The latest recommended Operating System for BIM Server 18 is Windows Server 2012. You may find the system requirements for the aforementioned product here: System Requirements for Graphisoft Products – BIM Server – Graphisoft


Also, Graphisoft has improved a lot this product since BIM Server 18's release, for that reason, I would like to recommend you to update your BIM Server to the latest BIMcloud version - which is compatible with Windows Server 2022: System Requirements – Graphisoft


Please let me know if I can help with anything else regarding your issue.


Kind regards,


Kaíque Baêta Cruz
Technical Services Team

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