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Resolved! Archicad 24 to 25 switch

I'm a student, and using Archicad 24 from last year. Currently I'm working on a new project, but would like to switch to 25th version. If I delete 24 and install 25, will I be able to open my work project?

luchisty by Newcomer
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Geometry problems after importing in 3ds Max

Hello, I am having problems when importing geometry in 3ds max, i have tried all types of export and hidden all the furniture. this is 2nd time that it is happening, does anyone have any idea what can be the problem?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New computer with RTX graphic card

My computer is10 years old and I would like to replace it with something that uses an RTX graphics card for Enscape and Twinmotion (perhaps?}. These cards seem focussed on gaming. Will they perform well for the more standard Archicad functions such a...

KeesW by Advocate
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Star(T) Edition 2021 and sample project files

Greetings, I have just returned to using CAD from a 20 odd years hiatus as I'm finding it more and more difficult and time consuming to wait for consultants to prepare rudimentary drawings for me. The last Archicad version I used was version 6 or 7 (...

Layout Book Lagging

Hi All, We are having trouble with our layout book lagging when moving, resizing or adding lines/text boxes in our layouts in AC 24. We have tested this in several projects on a variety of Mac computers. The issue seems to be more prominent in teamwo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Crashing and Losing Data

Working on one pln file. Work at two different locations - remote - office At remote I use a laptop that seems to be fine for this small project At office have a workstation but only a 1080i graphics card First Issue: from office Working on plan and ...