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Can't Login in Graphisoft


Hello everyone. I've recently purchased an Archicad Licence (Brazil, Archicad SOLO CAU, 12 months). I've received the welcome to Archicad email and tried to follow the steps to sign in and download the software.


However I'm unable to sign in. I can sign in on the foruns, I can sign in to the Archicad Store, but i can't sign in on Archicad ID. I get a "Whoops, something went wrong" message.


I use Opera, but already tried log in in Chrome and Edge (tried with private tabs as well). Tried to log in in my cellphone and also tried to log-in in a friends computer on her own network.


I have firewall and windows defender turned off. I only have Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner instaled on my computer, both free versions without active scans and disabled while trying to log in. I've run scans with windows defender, malwarebytes, adwcleaner and Microsoft Safety Scanner. The problem doesnt seems to be in my computer as I also can't login in my celphone and friends computer.


I also tried using CMD (with administrator privileges) using the following comands:


nbtstat -rr
netsh int ip reset all
netsh winsock reset


No result at all.


I can log in trought the following link: but I'm redirected to the graphisoft store website.


Thanks in advance, any other information I can send to help troubeshot this issue I'm more than happy to send.





Hello MJDCP92,


Would you be so kind of posting here the steps you followed in order to be able to log in with your GS ID on the GRAPHISOFT main page again?


I'm still looking for a solution since my needs remain on trying to download additional content for my Archicad, such as add-ins, news, etc.


Thanks in advance

Hello Maurich, actually I still can't login into Graphisoft main page. They are still looking at that (trough Archicad local support). I was able to bypass my problem because Minh Nguyen sen't me the link to download the Graphisoft Solo Bra and them my local support asked me to open the GS Licence Manager Tool to download my licence.


I don't know yet, what can solve the problem with the graphisoft main page.