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As new as they come to Archicad v7.
Reverted for rendering qualities (hoping im making the right move as ive not much time to play about, but ive seen some examples)

What can you import from DWG files?

I currently use Architectural Desktop 3.3 and Revit but i need a program where i can construct a "solid" from Desktop and import it.

Can i import a 3D solid into archicad, i get error messages when i click File>Merge saying "Warning","undocumented entities found" ????

Any help from the archicad big dogs would be appreciated

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External attached Keyboard is a must for me with my laptop, due to the only Ctrl key being at the "left" side of the keyboard

BryanRichards wrote:
What im going to do now i know i can is create a 3d draping thin canvas, sloping in 3 directions to cover a part of my building. I know revit cannot do this, im only guessing archicad cannot do this, so my solution was to import a solid from architectural desktop.
ArchiCAD can do it, if you know how to do it in GDL. Or, as was advised already, check GDL Toolbox - my personal favourite for all things canvassy - at
One niggling thing i have with archicad is the maneuverability. Is there a fast way to pan and to zoom or do i have to keep selecting the option with the mouse? I like to work with the keyboard and mouse at the same time, its faster.. ?
In 8.x you have the zooming and panning as you are used to (scroll to zoom, press the wheel and pan). If your mouse is programmable, you can assign the wheel functions to the zooming keyboard shortucts already posted.

IMHO the upgrde to 8 (meaning 8.1 as the 8 to 8.1 upgrade is free) will enhance your working a lot; first, you get the Booleans that you are used to, second you get the zooming an panning, third you get the Navigator and VASTLY improved PlotMaker.


ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
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Looks interesting for creating 3D surface, even a gravity option, great! As your aware not fully aware of archicad 8's potential, but im getting there. As for this new software, yet more money down the drain. Hope the demo version will give me enough time to construct what i need.

Anyways need archicad 8 first hehe

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