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Desperately in need of some help :'( Installation problems

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hi everyone
I have a serious problem with installing Archicad 10 on my intel mac. I'll try to explain as quickly as I can!

I signed up for the student version of archicad 10, and downloaded it, installed it no problem and was running it for the 30 day trial period, waiting for my lecturer at uni to register and activate my student version for the rest of the year.

He never did however, and the serial number expired. As its currently coursework time at uni for me, im in desperate need to get stuck into my 3D cad work and i therefore tried to redownload another student version, and hoped that my lecturer might actually confirm my copy this time.

Once again, he never did. A couple of days ago, i reached panic status, and decided to try one final method. I uninstalled AC10, and tried to clear my computer of all graphisoft and archicad files, hoping that i could do a fresh installation, and another 30 days for my uni lecturer to hopefully help me.

However, ive downloaded a couple of installation disk images from the student website, and it simply wont install. It doesnt even try to, and instead just says "cannot be installed on this platform".

Im worried i might have messed something up when i deleted some graphisoft files. I have since found another lecturer who will definately confirm my student status, but without a working installation file, im doomed

Can anyone tell me how I can install a student version now?
Sorry if this email sounds desperate...thats because I am
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