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G5 Server Questions!!

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We are contemplating buying a new G5 1.25ghz Server to replace our existing G4 400mhz Server, that is not even running server software and only has a 20 gig hard drive. My first question is because the server will come with OS 10.3 and all computers are currently running OS 10.2.8, will this be a problem. Also I have always been told that you should not use a server as a work station. Our workstations are currently ranging from a G3 with a 900 mhz upgrade card up to a G4 733 mhz. So as you can see we are lacking a little. It would be really nice to use the server as a work station. I would hate to see all that power go to waste, just doing server stuff. What are everyone's thoughts.
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I aint no server guru, but here is my 2 cents.

A lot of servers Ive noticed tend to be older computers that are no longer cutting it as workstations, I think your G4 400 would suffice in this dept, It should also be able to run 10.3 - server edition - if it has enough RAM. You can always replace the Hard Drive with a larger capacity one

Keep your G5 for a workstation.

Wait until after Macworld expo on the 6th of January 2004.
There are rumours of new faster G5's and a new G5 based XServe apple dedicated server machine.

One other thing I'd do is upgrade your macs to 10.3 it is well worth the investment, even on G3 based computers everthing is far snappier . Hope this helps
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We have an office with 3 ArchiCad Mac workstations using MacOS 10.3 Panther and AC 8.1. these are all single and dual G4 machines. The 3 workstations depend on a fourth machine which is a G4 400 PowerMac running MacOS 10.1 Server of all things. The network is TCP/IP on 100Baset ethernet wire with 2 switches and no hubs.

This configuration runs fine, and the server never seems to be a bottleneck.

At this point, the bottleneck is the workstations themselves in terms of their own speed.

With AC8.1 and Panther, whole chunks of 2-D AC are finally back to working as fast as it did in AC7.

It does seem that the video card is important as well, with the dual G4 450 workstation using an ATi Radeon 9800 card drawing at least twice as fast as the dual G4 450 workstation using the ATI Radeon 8500 card. The G4 450 Cube with a 128 Rage Pro card is the slowest.
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I've always used my oldest machine for the server. Currently a older G4 not sure about the MHz. Our server is currently running 10.3 server software with most of the workstations currently on Jaguar. No real problems. Every once in a while there is a long delay with the spinning beach ball but you can wait it out and everything continues to run. I would suggest getting the G5 for a new workstation and then designate the older G4 as a dedicated server. There are definite issues with using the server as a workstation. If the workstation locks up everyone suffers.
Aussie John
A fast drive or raid array will help with any bottlenecks

10.3 server will work fine with the other computers,
regardless I'd upgrade the other computers as 10.3 is better to use.

Also, there is no such thing as a G5 server but they are rumoured to be in the works, possibly as early as the new year

The advantage of buying a dedicated server is the server software will be bundled with it
Cheers John
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