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Graphics Card

]Paul King wrote

[Great card. However have been experiancing two issues not covered by standard testing proceedure

3D openGL scenes can apear initially with half of image missing or overlaid by remnant of a previous image. This seems to apply more often with large complex models. Image clears as soon as you start moving the camera.

In Plotmaker, when editing layouts selection dots appear to stop functioning (i.e nothing is selectable even though dots are showing) unless user does a manual refresh after each operation

Both of these issues have persisted through several driver updates as well as an ArchiCAD hotfix.

It is possible these are not card related issues, as I experianced something similar on another PC using an ATI Radeon 9700 card.

Hopefuly another user will be able to confirm

Paul just to let you know that thes same problems also occur with GeForce 4 Ti 4200 with AGPX.

Richard Wilden Design. Ltd
Dunedin, New Zealand.
Imac 27" i9 3.6GHz; 32GB Ram Mac OS 11.3
Archicad V23:V24
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I am working with a very large project, and I've been having the same problem. Although my PC has 1G RAM, w/ FX5700LE - 256 MB DDR, our IT guy has not been able to figure it out yet!
I've installed & re-installed different drivers, and updating the BIOS without any improvements. As a matter of fact it got just worst that my LCD monitor shuts down and freezes the PC after 15 min. of work!
I've moved to another PC that only has 785 MB-RAM, w/ GFORCE MX440 - 64 MB DDR and is working slower but without any problems on open GL.
Our IT guy thinks is ArchiCAD!!! What to do???
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