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IMacG5 or PowerMacG5(1)

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I am using Archicad 8.1 (Windows ).
I am considering purchasing an IMacG5(1GB)
or PowerMacG5 Single processor(1GB).If I
want to run Archicad,is the configuration
enough? Will the powermac make a lot of
difference? I do not design large &
complicated buildings.
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Same question here. I am going to change from windows to mac. I was considering a 20" imac G5.
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Both machines will work just fine, just make sure that you buy additional RAM , Id say an extra 512Mb chip at the very minimum

PS Its very expensive to buy RAM from Apple
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i would agree there. minimum 2 GB ram un les you were doing really small projects.

donald mac donald

Dual 2 GHz Power PC G5
2 GB ram
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Thank you for the inputs.On speaking to the Apple
dealer, they said that dual processor PowerMac
could also be considered. Is Archicad dual processor
The cost for dual processor is comparably very steep.
But will it be better in the long run?
Ben Odonnell
ArchiCAD will only use the second processor when you render using the Lightworks rendering engine.
Other than that ArchiCAD does not use or support duel processors.

Ben O'Donnell
Architect and CTO at BIMobject®
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As a general rule imacs are self contained with only a small margin for upgradeability. [ is that a word?]

Your G5 would offer more opportunities to upgrade your machine as and when required. Additional HD or other peripherals etc.
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