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Installation & update
About program installation and update, hardware, operating systems, setup, etc.

Integrating existing materials, profiles, surfaces, layers and objects on each new Archicad version



We have objects created using version 26 windows / doors, saved as custom objects, when updated to 27 shows as missing object because the windows/doors of this object link to ArchiCAD 26 inbuilt library, how do we fix this? knowing archicad 28 will have the same repeating problem.


On the same vein as above. The building materials all have new names, masonry - brick is now just brick etc. Without going through each individual material and relinking/replacing our materials that are linked to our complex profiles and composites, we will end up with duplicate building materials, 3 upgrades later we will be in a mess.


How can we upgrade year on year and keep the program clean without duplicates to satisfy my OCD character.



On a separate issue, is there a way to save or favourite a layer. (objects, walls, slabs, beams etc)


Many thanks.  

Operating system used: Windows 11


Setup info provided by author

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