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Intellimouse x CAPS LOCK

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I use AC 8.1 with Intellimouse. I really enjoy specific software buttons, but one thing annoys me with AC: I often hit Caps Lock when writing in AC, and I just leave it pressed on most cases, but Intellimouse´s extra buttons doesn´t work when Caps lock is on. Not really productive hitting Caps lock all the time. Really annoying.
Anyone had the same experience?
Ricardo Borges
ricardo, i
i share your pain.
what i have done on my xp machine is set a tone if caps are turned on or off. this is done by turning on a 'toggle key' which is found under control panel> accessability options> keyboard, down at the bottom is a selection for toggle keys. whats one more sound w/ ac's jukebox...
i imagine there is an osx feature like this.
what different things do you have your intellimouse set for?
tim hanagan
aaha! design studio durango, co
27" retina 5k iMac 4ghz i7 os 10.13.6 m395x 4 mb, 32gb ram, 512 gb ssd ac 22 current
15" retina mbp 2.6ghz 1mb 16gb ac 22 current[/size]
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Thanks for your reply Tim. I actually found a solution: just choose F keys for your software specific shortcuts and the state of Caps Locks won´t matter anymore.
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