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License Pool is empty



I've newly purchased a Developer License with a soft key. I have recieved the Auth. key via email. The installation dvd has also arrived.

The problem is, after loggin in from the LMT, nothing is there. There is no way for me to enter a new Auth. key. Following "My Profile" from the LMT, loggin in again, the license pool is empty.

Could someone from Graphisoft help?

Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.
Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Hi Palawat,

Thank you for the question and I am very sorry for the experience!

In such situations, I suggest talking with the license provider who gives you the license, as they will know the exact details about the key and how you can access it.

Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Hi @Minh Nguyen . Thank you for your reply. The person that gave me the license got in touch with me after I posted on this forum. She offerd 2 options, one is to create a new GSID and the other is  combining the new license to my current GSID, which I prefer. i've already emailed her the option I prefer. Guess I'll have to wait until the weekdays.

Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.
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