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Looking for AC 6.5 R3...


Looking for Archicad 6.5 R3......any help appreciated.

Karl Ottenstein

Could you say why?  As I recall, this version was distributed on floppy disks and has never been available for download.

There are special file converter versions starting with 7 and 10 that you can use to convert old 6.5 files so that you can then open the file with the current release.


One of the forum moderators
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Hi Karl


Thanks for the reply.

I think I go way back to when AC was release on floppies...... but that was around release 4 or 5. Release 6.5 R1 first came out in 1999 and was a boxed package with one CD. Shortly thereafter 6.5 R3 came out on a single CD and was a much improved version. I continued to upgrade til 9 but always came back to 6.5 because so much of my work was in that  format and the file converters never did work properly. I do principally working drawings for residential construction in a one person office and most of the upgrades after that were geared towards the larger offices. Tragically one of my computers damaged the CD and it would make my life easier if I could find another.

Life in the dinosaur era....:^)


Thanks again,



I do only residential. V24 is prime.  I started with 15 and can't even imagine going back to even 20. Lots of lost revenue living in the past...

Barry Kelly

Do you also have an old computer running an old operating system?

The reason I ask is you will have trouble trying to run the old software on current OS.

I am not aware of any digital downloads for 6.5



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Hi Barry

Thanks for your post.

Yes I do have an older operating system that works with AC 6.5.

Graphisoft used to have downloads for older versions but they seem to have discontinued that service which is understandable. I will keep looking for the needle in the haystack.



I have INT version of AC6.5 R1/V1. Probably not what you need.


Gorazd Rajh

AC 25, Ryzen 9 5900HS, 48 GB RAM, RTX 3080, Win 11

Hi Gorzad

Thank you for the offer but I already have AC6.5's the R3 version that I need......eirher full install disc or upgrader....but thank you just the same.




Found also V3 for Mac2022-02-07_13-15-59.png


Gorazd Rajh

AC 25, Ryzen 9 5900HS, 48 GB RAM, RTX 3080, Win 11
  • Oh very close! I need Windows version. Thanks for your help Gorazd.