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Mac OSX 10.3.3, AC 8.1 and Plotmaker 3.1.0

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We just upgraded from AC6.5. I can't get plotmaker to plot. It will print if I select page setup and print, but not plot setup and plot. I get a message "Waiting for conneciton to HP 1055CM:1 TCP/IP network plotter." I cannot select AppleTalk or anyother connection. Now if I selct Page Setup and Print, it will print, however when printing a single 30 x 42 sheet, it wants to print across two sheets, even though the little Layout preview window shows one sheet. Therefore, the plotter spools off about 6' of paper before it prints, and then it prints half the layout.

With 6.5 we used MacPlot and plotmaker seemed to work fine with it. Do I need to upgrade MacPlot and use it?

When going through the manual for printing and plotting, the menus shown are windows menus, so it isn't much help. Any Mac users out there that can shed some insight????
Steve wrote:
We just upgraded from AC6.5. I can't get plotmaker to plot.
This might help:

Also, check the Graphisoft technical resources on the US Web site:


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Thank you for your promp reply as always Djorde. I couldn't find anything anywhere, but luckily I finally got a call back from Tech Support. The problem was that I had to set up the TCP/IP configuration in the Plot Setup menu for Plotmaker and enter the TCP/IP address of the plotter. Once this was established, it prints instantly. So, if anyone else has this problem on an ethernet network, here is your answer!!! Unfortunately the manual is set up with Windows menu screenshots so it didn't help me at all in this area.
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